Aimed at children between the ages of 5-14, Art Club nurtures creativity, fosters a problem solving approach to projects and builds in lots of fun!


Your child will

  • explore the world through drawing, painting and making
  • develop observation skills and manual dexterity
  • extend both verbal and visual communication skills
  • develop problem solving skills


Participating in arts activities is linked to an increased sense of well-being. The act of making art allows children to explore how they feel about things and the world around them. This helps them to understand who they are and how they fit into the world.


If you are interested in working towards a qualification, you may be interested in Arts Award. This is a scheme promoted by the Arts Council to help children and young adults gain recognition for their artistic skills. At the higher levels, the award counts towards UCAS entry points.

Venue: The Hive, Langley Primary School, B92 7DJ


Session 1: 9am-12

Session 2:  1pm-4pm

Fee: £15 per session.

All materials included in cost. £3.50 for a T-shirt if printing


Please bring an apron or wear old clothes.


Make massive, messy masterpieces! Design and print tropical T-shirts; explore sculpture.


Best results achieved when booking both sessions. Book am and pm sessions to design and print T-shirts. Children may stay  between sessions if bringing a packed lunch. No charge is made for this time.


Next date: 1st August, 8th August, 15th August, 2018

Venue: The Hive, Langley Primary School, B92 7DJ


Session 1: 9am-12

Session 2:  1pm-4pm

Fee: £15 per session.

All art materials included in cost. £3.50 for a T-shirt if printing


Please bring an apron or wear old clothes.


Design and print tropical T-shirts with colourful themes ready for the summer. Make slime art! Explore portraits.


Book both sessions to design T-shirts in the morning and print in the afternoon.  No charge made for lunch hour but children must bring a packed lunch.


Next dates: 31st July, 7th August, 14th August, 2018


Whole day or half day sessions where children can really get stuck into making a piece of artwork


Venue: The Hive, Langley Primary School, B92 7DJ


Art Club 1 (3.30-5.00pm)   please specify on booking form

Art Club 2 (5.30-7.00pm)


Fee: £7.50 per session. All materials included.


Explore different topics and cultures every half term. Experiment with different techniques and develop drawing and making skills.


Please bring an apron or wear old clothes.

After School

Art Club

Commencing 12th Sept, 2017



Saturday Art Club

Term-time Saturdays

Venue: The Hive, Langley Primary School, B92 7DJ


Time: 10am-12, term time

Fee: £10.00 per session.


Explore different topics and cultures every half term. Experiment with different techniques and develop drawing, painting and making skills.


All materials included in cost. Please bring an apron or wear old clothes.



Both teachers and children are fabulous. A... loves every minute and I sometimes find it hard to make her leave.

Asma J

I have watched the video of the shadow puppet show this afternoon and it was great. They both had a great time and I’m sorry I couldn’t have been there to watch it. We’ll see you after half term. Thanks to you and your husband for making art class so much fun for I... and F...

Claire S

I have been looking for an art class for my 9 year old son and Art at the Heart is perfect. The teachers, Mukesh and Kamaljit, are warm and engaging, the programme is diverse and appropriately challenging. I would really recommend both the course and the teachers.

Leona T

Out of all the activities  T... attends after school this is by far her favourite. Thank you for your fabulous teaching.

Rachel H

Fantastic after school club. P... absolutely loves coming and learning all about the different artists.

Collette K.

At the end of a school day, I think it’s lovely for the children to relax and join in with a creative activity. A refreshing change from the usual clubs.


I need to tell you that the children really enjoyed their activity today, it was 10 out of 10. They are looking forward to coming tomorrow.

Shanara F

My child likes Art Club and he enjoys it very much. Thank you for everything.

Satvinder R

Very pleased with the club and kids have learnt art through stories. The teachers are very friendly and I would recommend this club.

Nandini M

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Art Club during half term. She tried lots of new techniques, loved making pop-up art and designing and printing her own T- shirt. She was really proud of her achievements at the end of the week. Highly recommended!


P... really enjoyed the art class. She learned how to be disciplined and sit and concentrate for long periods of time and the class encouraged her enthusiasm for the arts. Well done, enjoyed it!



Fantastic art work by children. Mukesh & Kamaljit you do an excellent job.


N... really enjoys Art Club and is excited to tell us what he’s done.

Emma H

O... is thoroughly enjoying Art Club. It really seems to be his thing - so thank you.


Thank you for another year of fun learning. S... really enjoyed the ‘Dragon Project’. Your enthusiasm shines through like her learning. Thank you.

Kate T

We’ve been very pleased with the Art Club. Jess joined later in the year but fitted in nicely and has really improved since she started.

Liz B

S... has really enjoyed Art Club again this term. She has learnt so much and produced amazing work, both she and I are proud of. Thank you.

Vanessa J


The first day was amazing. I loved drawing the flowers in the garden and the best part was when we designed different birds! It really helped with my drawing.

Will T

This club is really magical. It may be messy, but great. You must release your imagination! You may become known.

Art Club always makes me feel calm after a bad day.

Hassan M

For the weeks that I have been at art club I have learnt many different ways to use the stationery and different ways to draw too! I love Art!

Tegan H

Really enjoyed it. Learnt a lot about art. If there was another session I will like to attend again. Thanks.

Mya C

It is really good at Art Club. I like cutting and drawing and painting.

Noah B

I love Art Club. I love doing art.

Phoebe M

Art Club is really fun we learn about weather, feelings, dragons and other things. I enjoy being in Art Club.

I really enjoyed today at Tropical Tuesday and doing all the fish.

Sophie J

Really good.

Harkaran S

I learned so much including lots of techniques. First I learnt to draw detailed pictures with big shapes splitting them up. In the afternoon we did sculpting, which was tricky but I learnt loads.

It was amazing. The mentors were lovely and I learned a lot.

Sreya M

To Art Club I enjoyed it so much I could come every day. I enjoyed the painting and making my parrot. Love from Dean.

Dean V

The second day was exhilarating. We made sea creatures from metal wire. I needed some help because it was hard but when it was finished, it was amazing! I really enjoyed my time at Art Club!

Will T

Thank you for all your effort that is put into Art Club it is the best club in the WORLD! I’m so glad this is an existing club. Lots of love.

I loved it very much. One of the best things I’ve ever done.

Sophia K

Thank you for teaching me, I’ve had a lovely time. My favourite has been painting and doing the mosaic.

Sienna T

Always looking forward to Art Club on Wednesdays. Having lots of fun and learning different ways of shading and drawing.

Alasan M

I like Art Club because you get to paint, colour, draw pictures and eat stacks.

Petra S

There is always something to do here. There are lots of activities.

Sri K

I love Art Club, art is my favourite thing to do, every Tuesday I am saying “Yes! it is art club!

I like Art Club very much the teachers are really nice, it is fun. I love it.

Amal M

Art Club has wonderful teachers that inspire you.

I loved it so much it was amazing and brilliant and awesome and fantastic and fabulous and cool.

Sophia K

I like Art Club, it is the best in the world.

Akshara M

It was great. I liked making my bird. I loved it and hope I can come again. From Hannah

Hannah V