I can't draw to save my life! Can you really teach me how to draw?

Yes! Everybody can learn how to draw. We may not all be able to be the next Picasso, but we can all develop a reasonable amount of skill.



What do I need to bring with me?

You do not need to bring anything to the first session. We have materials to get you started. We will advise on what you will need in lessons and you can slowly start to develop your own kit depending on your interests.



Will I need to buy my own materials?

For adult classes: We keep a stock of paper and materials, but yes, you will need your own materials if you wish to make art at home. The more you practice, the better you get at drawing.

For art club: all drawing materials are included in the session cost. Occasionally, there may be one off costs for some items, for example, children need to purchase folders at a small cost to keep all their artwork together.



Will I need to put in a lot of extra time outside of the classes?

You only put in as much time as you want to. If you can't do any art outside of lessons, it doesn't matter. As you get more engaged in art, you will find that you naturally want to do more. Keep a small sketchbook and you will find that regular observational drawing, even if it is only for 5 mins in a day, does make a difference. Art skills develop in the same way as music skills–the more you practice, the better you get.



Where are the classes held?

The classes are held at 3 different venues, so please make sure you check where the class is held before you sign up.


Adult classes are based at:

  • Brookhouse Farm Equestrian Centre, Truemans Heath Lane, Shirley B90 1PG (Weds 6.15pm-8.15pm)
  • Art at the Heart CIC Studio, Kineton Green Road, Solihull B92 7EA (Mon  6.30pm-8.30; Thurs 10am-12 noon)


Art Club is based at

  • Langley Primary School, St. Bernard's Road, Solihull B92 7DJ


Holiday Art Club is based at

  • Art at the Heart CIC Studio, Kineton Green Road, Solihull B92 7EA (selected Tuesdays and Wednesdays during school holidays, sessions are 9am-12noon and 1pm-4pm)



I don't know which class to sign up for! Which one should I do?

For adults:

  • If  you are a beginner, the Monday evening class would suit you the best. Here the lessons are structured to guide you through the basics of making a drawing and painting. Most classes are based on observational drawing and we work a lot from still-life as the most suitable starting point for beginner's.
  • If you have some experience, the Wednesday evening would suit you better. This group of painters have already been through the beginner's course.
  • If you are more experienced and interested in developing your own themes, the Thursday workshop, is much more flexible and allows you to set your direction more. Your own themes are interjected with weeks of observational drawing to keep sharpening your skills.


For children: we cater for ages 5-12 in our Art Clubs. Although we do not take younger children, we are more flexible with older children and would take children up to the age of 14.



Do you do anything for teenagers?

We can help teenagers with preparing for GCSEs and A Levels through private tuition. We are also able to help with portfolio preparation for interviews. You would need to allow a suitable length of time to practise learning before exams in order to make the most of the tuition. Private tuition rates are charged at £35 per hour. If there is enough interest, we would run classes for 13-18 yearolds on a Saturday morning between 10 and 12. Please contact us using the contact form if you are interested in this.



How much are lessons?

Regular scheduled two hour classes for adults are charged at £15 per session. We ask for bookings in 5 week blocks. When paid in advance a 20% discount is offered. (You pay £60 instead of £75). Please note however that this fee is non-refundable as we are reliant on a minimum group size for the classes to run.


Art Clubs for children vary in cost according to the length of the session. Tuesdays After School Club is charged at £7.50 per session. Saturday's Art Club is a 2 hour session charged at £10 per session. Again payments are non-refundable as our costs are calculated on minimum group sizes.


Do you take childcare vouchers?

We do not take childcare vouchers because the service we offer is not classed as childcare.